Be part of the Singapore future food factory with Smart Food Mandai

Smart Food Central Kitchen


Immerse yourself in the heart of Singapore’s burgeoning culinary landscape by becoming a key player in the future of the food and beverage (F&B) industry. As traditional storefronts take a backseat, a gastronomic revolution is underway with businesses opting for cloud kitchens and operational hubs in food factories.

Dive into the exciting realm of F&B innovation with Smart Food @ Mandai, a freehold property strategically positioned in the North Region. This visionary development caters to the evolving needs of F&B operators, providing not just a space but a culinary ecosystem designed for efficiency and growth.

The current shift away from brick-and-mortar establishments is fueled by rising rents and soaring overhead costs. Food businesses are increasingly embracing online platforms and delivery services, necessitating dedicated facilities for cooking, processing, packaging, and storage – all conveniently centralized within Food Vision.

Unlike conventional food factories with limited tenures, Food Vision offers a rare opportunity for ownership in a freehold property. In a city where space is a premium, this development not only meets the demands of F&B operators but also contributes to Singapore’s commitment to securing its food supply for the future.

Singapore is on a trajectory towards its “30 by 30” goal, aiming to produce 30% of its nutritional needs domestically by 2030. The Agri-Food Innovation Park (AFIP) in Sungei Kadut is a testament to this commitment, to fostering innovation in agriculture. As the North building undergoes revitalization and the Northern Agri-Tech and Food Corridor takes shape, Food Vision emerges as a strategic investment for those looking to align with Singapore’s food security initiatives.

Smart Food, developed by Smartisan Realty, is set to be a hub for food manufacturing. Located in the established industrial zone of Mandai, it offers proximity to suppliers, distributors, and business partners, fostering a collaborative ecosystem for operational synergy.

The development’s thoughtful design includes ramp-up access to every level, ensuring operational convenience for all units. With units averaging 1,700 square feet and attractively priced from S$2.35 million, Smart FOod provides an ideal platform for F&B businesses to scale up.

Investors are increasingly recognizing the potential of food factories as a niche real estate investment. With the residential property market showing signs of slowing, the spotlight is turning to non-residential assets. Food factories, previously under the radar, are emerging as a promising investment class, driven by the sustained growth in Singapore’s F&B sector and the government’s push for enhanced food security.