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Smart Food @ Mandai presents a new 10 storey freehold food factory located at 10 Mandai Estate. Embark on a journey into the cutting-edge world of food production with Smart Food, unveiling a revolutionary Ramp-Up Food Factory. Immerse yourself in the Smart Food Mandai experience as we present a comprehensive showcase on the development. TOP expected to be in 2026.

Discover the Epitome of Industrial Excellence Smart Food Singapore, strategically located within the heart of Mandai Industrial Estate, stands as a beacon of industrial innovation. Spread across 10 stories, each unit is characterized by an impressive design and high ceiling.

Unparalleled Design Features Designed with efficiency and flexibility in mind, Smart Food Food Factory offers spacious layouts for food factory business owners, complete with high ceilings to accommodate diverse configurations. The unique ramped designs facilitate easy access for rigid trucks to the loading bays on each floor.

Harvest Tomorrow Legacy

Legacy Risen Beyond Generations: A Visionary rare freehold Future Smart Food Mandai is a visionary space tailored to meet the evolving needs of the future food and beverage industry and on top of that, potential of capital appreciation with your future generations. With modular design allowing for temporary sunken floors suitable for kitchen usage, and provisions for cold storage space, the facility maximizes adaptability.

Smart Food at Mandai is designed with a vision for the future of food production. Its modern infrastructure incorporates cutting-edge kitchen facilities, advanced cooking equipment, and efficient storage solutions. This not only enhances the productivity of food entrepreneurs but also sets a new standard for culinary excellence. The facility is equipped to handle various cuisines and cooking styles, providing a versatile space for a diverse range of culinary endeavors.

Beacon of The Future Prime District: Beyond the individual kitchen spaces, Smart Food at Mandai Food Factory champions collaboration with fellow businesses to tap on the connectivity and resources in the vicinity.

Shared workspaces and communal areas encourage interaction among chefs, fostering a sense of community. Culinary professionals can exchange ideas, share experiences, and even embark on collaborative ventures. This collaborative spirit extends beyond the kitchen, creating a vibrant atmosphere that fuels creativity and innovation.

Modern Spaces Towards Bountiful Harvest: In alignment with Singapore’s commitment to sustainability, Smart Food incorporates eco-friendly practices into its operations. From waste reduction strategies to sourcing local and organic ingredients, the facility is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability not only reflects a responsible approach to business but also resonates with the values of modern consumers.

Smart Food Mandai Food Factory provides a conducive environment for creativity, collaboration, and growth, this innovative hub is shaping the future of Singapore’s food industry. From its strategic location to its modern infrastructure, Smart Food offers a comprehensive solution for culinary professionals seeking to make their mark in the diverse and dynamic world of food.



Smart Food at Mandai Location


Strategically located at 10 Mandai Estate, Smart Food @ Mandai enjoys proximity to major thoroughfares like the Kranji Expressway (KJE) and various MRT stations, ensuring easy accessibility for businesses. With a specially designed area for emergency power supplies on the roof and ample parking space, CT FoodNex is poised to attract a broad customer base.

Nestled strategically in Mandai, Foodfab enjoys the benefits of a prime location. Its proximity to major transportation routes and the city center makes it accessible for both suppliers and consumers. This strategic positioning also taps into the burgeoning food scene of Singapore, offering a platform for emerging culinary talents to showcase their skills and creations.

Smart Food benefits from its excellent connectivity. Whether importing of fresh ingredients or exporting the final product, the ease of access contributes to the overall efficiency of culinary operations. The location’s accessibility plays a crucial role in making Smart Food an attractive and viable choice for those looking to establish or expand their culinary ventures.

Mandai’s proximity to major transportation arteries and the city center ensures that culinary professionals at Smart Food have easy access to both suppliers and consumers. This strategic positioning positions Smart Food at Mandai as a central hub for culinary activities, drawing in a diverse range of businesses, food artisans, and entrepreneurs.

Smart Food @ Mandai Singapore Food Factory’s location in the heart of Mandai, Singapore, is a strategic choice that enhances its appeal as a culinary powerhouse. With its modern infrastructure, collaborative environment, diverse culinary landscape, supportive ecosystem, sustainability initiatives, and exciting events, Smart Food is not just a place for food preparation; it’s a dynamic and integral part of Singapore’s evolving culinary scene.


Strategically located at Heart of Future Food Hub

Smart Food Location at Heart of Future food hub

In the heart of Mandai Estate, Smart Food @ Mandai is a modernized B2 food plant that stands out as a growth pioneer. Our facility, which was founded on a drive for efficiency and innovation, combines history and technology while optimizing it for a wide variety of food processing applications.

Smart Food @ Mandai is dedicated to sustainable solutions and food security, from the delivery of farm-fresh ingredients to cutting-edge food processing.



TOP 10 FAQs on Smart Food Mandai

Is there any restrictions on type of food processing that can operate at Smart Food?

Smart Food @ Mandai is pre-approved for food processing and does not have any restriction of food processing related activities, but only subject to tenant licensing approval by relevant authorities

Is there's a need to reapply for food processing every three years?

Don't have to as this Smart food already pre-approved for food processing.

Are there any loading / unloading bay in the development?

Yes. There's loading / unloading bay on level 1.

Is there's a grease trap in each unit?

Yes. There's a grease trap in every unit located in the chamber.

Is there toilet in every unit?

Yes. There's a toilet in every unit.

Is is possible to install cold room?

Yes. Cold room can be install in every unit at Smart Food

Can loading / unloading be done on doorstep?

Yes.. There's carpark lots for trucks to do loading / unloading in each unit.

Is there's provision for waste disposal?

Yes. There's refuse in every unit for waste disposal.

Will the Kitchen Exhaust Duch (KED) be provide?

Yes. Each unit will have their own Kitchen Exahust Duch which connect to the roof and draw the gas outwards.

Able to knock down walls for bigger unit?

Knocking of walls is allowed fr adjoining units, except the structural walls.



Smart Food @ Mandai Project Specification

Project NameSmart Food @ Mandai
Description10 Storey Freehold Food Factory at Mandai Estate
DeveloperSmartisan Realty
Address10 Mandai Estate Singapore 729907
Total Unit84 units and 1 canteen
Unit TypeFood Factory
No of Storey10 Storey
Ceiling Height6-7m
SizesLevel 1: 4100 to 5145sf
level 2 to 10: 1765 to 2024sf



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